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ZVF9V-M Mini Type AC motor drive
ZVF9V-M Mini Type AC motor drive designed and produce according to the requirements of customers, has been in the market for reference customers widely tested by the characteristics of ZVF11 - M frequency drive . And on this basis to further perfect function, better meet the needs of the client application. ZVF9V-M Mini type AC motor drive can be installed in parallel, to save the space, Convenient installation.
Single phase, 220V ± 20%, 0.75 to 2.2kW
Three phase, 380V ± 20%, 0.75 to 2.2kW
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ZVF9V-M Mini Type vector control VFD

Input Voltage(V) Output Voltage (V) Power Range (kW)
Single phase 220V± 20% Three phase 0~input voltage 0.75kW~2.2kW
Three phase 380V± 20% Three phase 0~input voltage 0.75kW~2.2kW

Overload Capacity : 150% 1 minute ;180% 1 second ;200% transient protection .

Technical Indications :
1.Control Mode: SAPWM vector control .
2.Output  Frequency range: 0.00~400.00HZ
3.Operation command selection : Keyboard control ,Terminal Control, Multi-stage control , External analog voltage input control . External analog current input control .RS485 control .
4.Frequency setting Mode: Digit keypad   setting, Analog setting ( current , voltage signal ). Remote communication  setting , Multi-step speed setting. Terminal assembled setting  . PID closed-loop setting.
5.Start torque control :0-20% can be adjusted .
6.Carrier frequency range:1.0K~15KHz
7.DC current braking : Start and stop DC current braking can be adjusted solely .
8. Automatism voltage Modulate : ( AVR):  Automatically keep output voltage  stable when input voltage fluctuation .
9.Automatic limiting current : can limit  the Maximum current of the motor. And can protect the inverter and the motor reliably.
10. PLC programmable  control: Single Cycle, continuous loop, wobble control and are suitable  for  all kinds of applications
11.Input ,output terminal are programmable and It’s convenient for user.
12.Analog signals output , voltage and current can be selected .

Inverter Model Voltage
( A)
Dimension (mm)
H W A B D d
ZVF9V-M0007S2 220V 0.75 4.0 151.0 100 140.0 89.5 116.5 Ф5
ZVF9V-M0015S2 1.5 7.5 151.0 100 140.0 89.5 116.5 Ф5
ZVF9V-M0022S2 2.2 10 151.0 100 140.0 89.5 116.5 Ф5
ZVF9V-M0007T4S 380V 0.75 2.3 151.0 100 140.0 89.5 116.5 Ф5
ZVF9V-M0015T4S 1.5 3.7 151.0 100 140.0 89.5 116.5 Ф5
ZVF9V-M0022T4S 2.2 5.0 151.0 100 140.0 89.5 116.5 Ф5


Item Description


Rated voltage frequency

Single/three-phase 220VAC,three-phase 380VAC,50Hz/60Hz

Allowable voltage range

Voltage fluctuation range:-20%~+20%
Voltage unbalance rate<3%;frequency fluctuation≤±5%


Rated voltage

Three-phase 0~input voltage VAC



Overload capacity

Type G:150% 1 minute; 180% 1 second;200% transient protection

Control function


Optimal space voltage vector PWM modulation

Control method

Speed sensorless vector control (SVC)

Frequency accuracy

Digital setting: Max. frequency ×±0.01%
Analog setting:Max.Frequency×±0.2%

Frequency resolution

Digital setting:0.01Hz  Analog setting; Max. Frequency ×0.1%

Starting frequency


Torque lifting

Automatic torque lifting: To lift the torque automatically
According to the output current.
Hand-operated torque lifting: Range: 0.1~30.0%

Slip compensation

Setting range:0~150%.The inverter output frequency can be auto-
Regulated within this range according to the motor load so as to reduce
The speed variation of the motor due to load fluctuation


0.1~3600.0 sec/min ,which can be set in sequence

Carrier frequency


Jog function

Jog frequency range:0.01~400.0Hz Jog acceleration/deceleration
Time,0.13600.0 can be set

V/F curve

1.linear curve; 2.quadratic curve(conic); 3.User defined V/F curve

Control Function


Auto optimize V/F curve according to load fluctuation
To realize energy-saving operation.

Auto voltage
regulation (AVR)

When the network voltage changes, it can regulate
PWM output automatically to maintain constant voltage.

Built-in PID

This can form a convenient closed-loop control system
(CLCS),and is applicable to pressure control, flow
control and other process control.

Operating function

Operating command

Operator panel control ,external terminal control and COM control

DC braking

Panel potentiometer setting, operator panel ▲▼ setting, external
Terminal up/down setting, analog voltage signal or external potentiometer
Setting, analog current signal setting, analog assembly setting,485 COM
Setting and etc

Input Signal

Forward/Reverse signal, multiple speed signal, failure signal,
reset signal and etc.

Output signal

Programmable relay, open-collector output, failure signal output and etc.

Multi-function analog
and digital output

This can realize the output of frequency, current and other physical
quantity by outputting 0~20mA DC signal and 0~10KHz
digital signal

Braking function

Dynamic braking

With an external braking resistor, the maximum braking
torque may reach 100% .

DC braking

This can be selected when the motor starts or stops with the
Action frequency of 0~30 sec., which can be set in sequence

Other functions

Leap frequency, Jog function, counter to rotating speed, instant
shutdown restarting, Frequency upper/lower limitation, acceleration/
deceleration mode regulating, frequency meter and voltmeter output,
multiple speed/program operation, two-wire/three wire control,
vibration frequency control, Multi-function input terminal selection,
Failure auto reset and 485COM.

Protection function

Input open-phase protection, over-current protection,
overload protection, under voltage protection,
overheating protection and etc.