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ZVF9V-G Series General Type variable speed drive
ZVF9V-G Series General Type variable speed drive is ZIRI Electrical to develop a general type inverter according to the medium and low market . ZVF9V-G Series General Type variable speed drive has good effect energy saving find speed adjustment , stable running .soft start, ZVF9V-G is suitable for all kind of mechanical devices such as metallurgy, plastic ,textile .food . petrification ,paper making , drug manufacture .printing . construction materials and hoisting for driving and speeding control of AC asynchronous motor .
Single phase, 220V ± 20%, 0.4 to 2.2kW
Three phase, 380V ± 20%, 0.75 to 375kW
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ZVF9V-G/P Series frequency inverter has good effect energy saving find speed adjustment , stable running .soft start, protection function and self diagnostics fault and other advantages.

1:Advanced vector control algorithm , combine with accurate speed calculation and self learning of the motor parameter. It can realize the accuracy control of motor speed and torque under no- speed sensor mode. V/F and SVC can be selected.

2:Optimized space voltage vector PWM modulation technique, over modulation, high Voltage- utilization, low output harmonic, and it greatly improves the stability of the motor and switching losses.

3: Good operation characteristic of low frequency running , can be realized 0.5HZ/150% torque output under no-speed sensor mode.

4:LED display and removable keypad . display frequency , current ,parameters ,error and ect . the user can operate easily.

5:Control terminals can be analog voltage output . current output and digital pulse output . Voltage , current ,pulse .COM and other multiple frequency setting mode . It can achieve the overlay function of different source . The frequency control mode is very flexible.

6:Abundant functions: automatic voltage regulation control, automatic slip Compensation, restart when power off ect. Can meet the demand of different clients.

7:customization function design :program running, wobble frequency running, PID control operation , timing function ,counter functions ect. can be convenient to form and meet the different industrial application .

8:Built-in RS485 Port Compat with MODEBUS communication protocol, It can realize networked control.

9: Super strong protection function: Over voltage, over current , over load, under voltage, over heat , short circuit and so on , can offer more than 20 kinds fault protection function for clients.

Inverter Outline& Mounting Dimension (Unit: mm)

Inverter Model Power
Dimension (mm)


H W A B D d
ZVF9V-G0007T4MDR 0.75 2.3 185 175 118 108 175 Ф4 Fig.1
ZVF9V-G0015T4MDR 1.5 3.7
ZVF9V-G0022T4MDR 2.2 5.0
ZVF9V-G0037T4MDR 3.7 9.5 215 205 145 135 178 Ф4
ZVF9V-G0055T4MDR 5.5 13
ZVF9V-G0075T4MDR 7.5 17 265 253 185 174 200 Ф5.5
ZVF9V-G0110T4MDR 11 25
ZVF9V-G0150T4MDR 15 33 380 360 210 160 204 Ф10 Fig.2
ZVF9V-G0185T4M 18.5 39 470 450 270 206 255 Ф10
ZVF9V-G0220T4M 22 45
ZVF9V-G0300T4M 30 60
ZVF9V-G0370T4M 37 75 630 605 360 270 300 Ф10
ZVF9V-G0450T4M 45 90
ZVF9V-G0550T4M 55 110
ZVF9V-G0750T4M 75 150 750 726 470 376 346 Ф12
ZVF9V-G0900T4M 90 176
ZVF9V-G1100T4M 110 210
ZVF9V-G1320T4M 132 250 1270 574 380 Fig.3
ZVF9V-G1600T4M 160 310
ZVF9V-G1850T4M 185 360
ZVF9V-G2000T4M 200 380 1700 710 410
ZVF9V-G2200T4M 220 415
ZVF9V-G2500T4M 250 470
ZVF9V-G2800T4M 280 510
ZVF9V-G3150T4M 315 585 2020 750 550
ZVF9V-G3500T4M 350 645
ZVF9V-G3750T4M 375 675

Note:0.75Kw-11kW Plastic Case
15kW-110kW Steel shell
132Kw-375kW Cabinet

ZVF9V-G High performance general frequency Inverter

Input Voltage (V) Output Voltage(V) Power Range (kW)
Three phase 380V ± 20% Three phase 0~Input Voltage 0.75kW~375kW
Overload capacity :150% 1 minute; 180% 1 second;200% transient protection

Application range
ZVF9V-G is suitable for all kind of mechanical devices such as metallurgy, plastic ,textile .food . petrification ,paper making , drug manufacture .printing . construction materials and hoisting for driving and speeding control of AC asynchronous  motor .

Item Item Description
Input Rated voltage frequency Single/three-phase 220VAC,three-phase 380VAC,50Hz/60Hz
Allowable voltage range Voltage fluctuation range:-20%~+20%
Voltage unbalance rate<3%;frequency fluctuation≤±5%
Output Rated voltage Three-phase 0~input voltage VAC
Frequency 0.00~400.00Hz
Overload capacity Type G:150% 1 minute; 180% 1 second;200% transient protection
Type P:120% 1 minute; 150% 1 second; 180% transient protection
Control function Modulation Optimal space voltage vector PWM modulation
Control method Speed sensorless vector control (SVC)
Frequency accuracy Digital setting: Max. frequency ×±0.01%
Analog setting:Max.Frequency×±0.2%
Frequency resolution Digital setting:0.01Hz  Analog setting; Max. Frequency ×0.1%
Starting frequency 0.00~10.00Hz
Torque lifting Automatic torque lifting: To lift the torque automatically
According to the output current.
Hand-operated torque lifting: Range: 0.1~30.0%
Slip compensation Setting range:0~150%.The inverter output frequency can be auto-
Regulated within this range according to the motor load so as to reduce
The speed variation of the motor due to load fluctuation
0.1~3600.0 sec/min ,which can be set in sequence
Carrier frequency 1.0~15.0KHz
Jog function Jog frequency range:0.01~400.0Hz Jog acceleration/deceleration
Time,0.13600.0 can be set
V/F curve 1.linear curve; 2.quadratic curve(conic); 3.User defined V/F curve
Control Function Automatic
Auto optimize V/F curve according to load fluctuation
To realize energy-saving operation.
Auto voltage
regulation (AVR)
When the network voltage changes, it can regulate
PWM output automatically to maintain constant voltage.
Built-in PID This can form a convenient closed-loop control system
(CLCS),and is applicable to pressure control, flow
control and other process control.
Operating function Operating command Operator panel control ,external terminal control and COM control
DC braking Panel potentiometer setting, operator panel ▲▼ setting, external
Terminal up/down setting, analog voltage signal or external potentiometer
Setting, analog current signal setting, analog assembly setting,485 COM
Setting and etc
Input Signal Forward/Reverse signal, multiple speed signal, failure signal,
reset signal and etc.
Output signal Programmable relay, open-collector output, failure signal output and etc.
Multi-function analog
and digital output
This can realize the output of frequency, current and other physical
quantity by outputting 0~20mA DC signal and 0~10KHz
digital signal
Braking function Dynamic braking With an external braking resistor, the maximum braking
torque may reach 100% .
DC braking This can be selected when the motor starts or stops with the
Action frequency of 0~30 sec., which can be set in sequence
Other functions Leap frequency, Jog function, counter to rotating speed, instant
shutdown restarting, Frequency upper/lower limitation, acceleration/
deceleration mode regulating, frequency meter and voltmeter output,
multiple speed/program operation, two-wire/three wire control,
vibration frequency control, Multi-function input terminal selection,
Failure auto reset and 485COM.
Protection function Input open-phase protection, over-current protection,
overload protection, under voltage protection,
overheating protection and etc.
LED display Real-time display the running state, monitoring
parameters, function parameters, diagnostic trouble
codes (DTC)and other information lf the inverter.
Matching parts Brake assembly, remote operator panel, connecting wire,
communication panel
Ambient Place to be used Indoor location free from direct exposure to sunlight, high
humidity or dew condensation, high levels lf dust, corrosive
gas, explosive gas, in flammable gas, oil mist, salt and etc.
Altitude Below 1, 100M
Ambient Temperature -10~+45%℃ 「Bare Machine:-10~+50℃」
Humidity 20~90%RH without dew condensation
Vibration <0.5G
Storage Temperature -20~+60℃
Structure Protective Class Ip20
Cooling system Forced air cooling
Installation Wall mounted or floor-type actuator