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Water Supply Control Panel

ZBHG series variable constant pressure water supply control cabinet is the company development of a new generation of energy-saving water supply products.


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     ZBHG series variable constant pressure water supply control cabinet is the company development of a new generation of energy-saving water supply products.

     Its core is the AC frequency inverter technology and the microcomputer control technology. Use closed-loop control system. The control panel can automatically adjust the pump speed and the number of units running, so that the pressure of the water supply network to maintain the required pressure and flow, so as to improve the quality of water supply and high efficient energy saving purposes. The control cabinet can replace the high water-level tank, water tower and other facilities and valve adjustment and other measures . to  improve the automation of water supply and drinking water quality, to prevent secondary pollution, is an ideal modern water supply products.


Product Characteristics 

l3  units main pumps + one unit small pump, Multi-speed control mode can be selected .

lFlexible increase 、decrease pump control logic.

lFlexible sleep pump control function.

lRegular rotation control, can effectively prevent the rust of the pump.

lUp to 8 periods of pressure control, and each period.

lCan be set to any arbitrary pressure setting control and realize time switch function.

lPipe network pressure monitoring, alarm; pump grounding, loss phase and so on perfect protection.


When water supply automatic control system is working , Through the high  sensitivity pressure transducer which is installed in the water supply network. the equipment detect the water supply network's pressure change  when water level changes.

Continuously  transmission  the frequency inverter's change signal,After judging by microcomputer and comparing the setting pressure . send onechanging frequency  command to the controller .  The controller change   the pump motor speed and the number of running by changing the frequency automatically adjust the peak water consumption, to ensure  the water supply network pressure constant and  meet the needs of users 'water.

Application Range                                

lUrban and rural residential area, high-rise buildings water supply, hotels, restaurants and large-sized structures' water supply and fire fighting water;

lCity central heating water supply and air-conditioning system of hot and cold water circulation system;

lWater pumping stations, pipeline system;

lIndustrial production and water recycling water of industrial boiler water supply system;

lSewage treatment system;

lOld water supply (pressure water tower high water-level  and water tank  supply) transformation;

lAgricultural irrigation, sprinkler irrigation and music fountain.


Place to be used

Ambient temperature-10∽50℃

Control modeOutlet constant pressure

Pressure adjustment  precision:<±0.01MPa


PowerThree phase 380V±10%


Advanced technology:Use of computer control to control the cabinet according to the pressure to achieve intelligent constant pressure variable  water supply;


Energy efficient: the system can set pressure on demand, the system automatically adjusts the pump speed according to the set pressure and the number of pumps running, so that the equipment are running in the best state of energy efficient;


Stable water supply pressure: the system to achieve closed-loop control, can automatically adjust the difference between  the set pressure and system pressure ,  maintain the pressure constant.

Stable Operation :The system is controlled automatically by the inverter and  inverter intelligent controller, the operation is extremely simple; extend the life time of motor pump. Each  pump is soft starter . eliminating the impact of the starting current. Each pump cycle start, so that the standby pump will not rust or wear for using a long time

Perfect protection function: Have  short circuit ,over-current, over-voltage ,overload protection and other protection function, pump will stop working and alarm output automatically if the pump run failure; The system has a self-test fault ,diagnosis fault, memory display fault  automatically start standby pump and other functions.

Small flow sleep function: Can be connected with a small pump attached . the cabinet can shutdown the main pumps if the system is running in the night or other small flow conditions . start the subsidiary pump, to avoid the waster caused by big power pumps.


Operation function: The frequency inverter and the controller programming and parameter setting are convenient and  simple, easy understanding .

Manual automatic switching function: have manual switch control, you can ensure the safety and continuous operation of equipment.