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MCC Panel

CHZIRI Electrical can design different MCC panel 

according to clients'wiring diagram . 

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The MCC Panels are installed in a sewage treatment plant .

There have plant C & D each with 8*Aerators, 2*Mixers and 2* Stirers. C & D

share the same panel.

The dimensions of the panel are L8000*H2000*W600

MCC Panel Layout 

RAS WAS Panel circuit INCOMER

Main MCC Panel Layout

The doors should be mounted with

l Running/Trip lights

Emergency stop button

l Start/Stop buttons

l Local/Remote Selector switch

l Ammeters

l Voltmeter

l Running Hour Meters

l Panel fans

Below are the circuits

16* 55kW motors with VSDs

4* 7.5kW motors with VSDs

4* 5kW motors with VSDs

Incomer with a 2000A circuit breaker and a 2400A isolator

Panel with two circuit breakers for C and D (splitting the two sections

of the plant)

RAS/WAS Isolator

Distribution board

All the circuits have the same control philosophy. We just want to be

able to start and stop the motors both from remote and local. We have

also attached the control philosophy of the 3 circuits.

RAS WAS Panel circuit

Main MCC Panel circuit